ADDRESS : Via Pantaneto,64 Siena



At the end of a conservative intervention, the property has decided to carry on the UNESCO principles, continuing to preserve the integrity of the property and, at the same time, share its beauty and historicity, creating a B&B of only 2 exclusive rooms:
Violante di Baviera (Deluxe room: over 28 square metres)
Agostino Fantastici (Superior room: over 40 square metres)
Guests at Palazzo de’Vecchi (4 at most) will have the opportunity to have their breakfast inside the Ballroom (about 90 square meters) and have the Moses Room (over 40 square meters) as a reading and/or relaxation room.

2 Guests

28 mq

From 239 €

2 Guests

40 mq

From 289 €

Violante di Baviera

From 239 € per night

Agostino Fantastici

From 289 € per night