Palazzo de’Vecchi, whose foundations date back to the XV century, is located in the historical center of the city, on the elegant street of Pantaneto and on the route of the Via Francigena, a few meters a few meters away from the famous Piazza de Il Campo.

The entire nobile floor was designed specifically to host events and wedding parties; in the Ballroom, whose acoustics were designed to spread the music in all six adjoining rooms, is still present today the wooden balcony, at the time seat of the orchestra.

The modifications and enlargements that the de’Vecchi family requested over the centuries ended with the interventions commissioned to the architect Paolo Posi around the XVII century: he was the one who he who renewed the ornament of the facade, while the masters Ciro Santi and Liborio Guerrini repainted the frescoes in some halls.The doors were sculpted and decorated by the architect Agostino Fantastici.

The stuccoes that decorate some rooms are in Racoaille style of Austrian and French inspiration, typical of the fashion of the time.